Just A Smile

image.pngIt was a hot, sticky summer day, where the air is thick with heat. Even though it was intensely hot, the streets were full and bustling.  A middle aged, scruffy man sat cross legged on the sidewalk, his baseball cap turned upside down on the ground by his feet, as he held a sign that read, “I’m hungry.  Can you spare some change?” That day changed my life. Continue reading

Mamma Mia


I can’t believe that on May 14th it will be 15 years since my mother has passed away. This week has been hard on my heart and emotions. It’s been 15 years since I heard her say my name. 15 years since I felt the warmth of her hands. 15 years since I’ve heard her pray and laugh. 15 years since I have seen her stunning face and beautiful smile. I can look at a picture, but it’s just not the same. Today, one day before the anniversary of her death, I want to honour Mamma mia. Continue reading