Knowing God = Knowing You

Knowing God = Knowing You

Over the years, my identity has been attacked. I was a victim of identity theft, where my personal information was compromised and someone managed to open an account with a company and rack up a HUGE bill that I became liable for until I could prove that I really was who I said I was.

During the phone calls and emails with this company they spewed horrible accusations against my character. They called me a fraud and a liar, among other names as well. I honestly thought this nightmare was never going to end, but one day it did; all because of one little number on my drivers’ license. Who knew that one detail could change an entire outcome?

Not only has my identity in this world been attacked, but also my spirit has been subject to countless attacks of who I really am. You see, the devil has an uncanny way of reminding me of my past and current mistakes, or breathe little lies about myself that cause me to look at others in comparison. Comparison is probably one of the biggest thieves of our true identity.  It’s in those moments of comparison where two things happen:

  • We look at someone else and judge a person; making ourselves feel better (even if only for a moment).
  • We look at someone else and make assumptions that their life/situation is so much better than ours, causing us to feel downright awful about ourselves.

Lisa Bevere said this in her latest book, Without Rival, “Comparison will cause you to feel prideful or depressed, but never fulfilled”. I believe this to be true because in both circumstances we are not living out the identity of who God truly made us to be. If we don’t know who we are, then we don’t really know who God is. You see, when you have an encounter with God, it changes things.  It changes you.

I used to believe that God was mad at me or disappointed in me, so I lived ashamed. I used to believe that God didn’t notice me, so lived under the lie that I had to perform in order to gain His approval. This is what religion is made of. This is not what God wanted. He wanted relationship, based in love.

You will never know who you are until you know who God is. Until you realize how madly in love He is with you, you will live a life less than what God has planned for you. You will continue to live the shadow of comparison.

I want to encourage you, take some time alone, quiet with God. Ask Him this one simple, yet terrifying question – “Father, can you tell me how much you love me?” Then just sit, waiting and listening. I recently taught a class where this was the assignment, it was amazing to hear the beautiful things God Himself spoke to each one of them. Go ahead, I dare you, ask Him.

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