Just A Smile

image.pngIt was a hot, sticky summer day, where the air is thick with heat. Even though it was intensely hot, the streets were full and bustling.  A middle aged, scruffy man sat cross legged on the sidewalk, his baseball cap turned upside down on the ground by his feet, as he held a sign that read, “I’m hungry.  Can you spare some change?” That day changed my life.

I was a bit of snob when it came to interacting with the homeless (who am I kidding, I was a major snob). Society trained me to look down, walk quickly, don’t speak to them.  Pretty much, pretend like they don’t exist.  For some reason that day, I did not do as I had been trained.  As I walked by, I made eye contact with this not so scary gentleman.  I looked, but quickly shifted my glance as I passed.  Then he shouted out to me; “Miss, you may not have any money to offer, but you could give me smile.  I’m still human”.  It felt like I was just punched in the stomach.  This man was right.  I instantly felt so convicted of my high and mighty attitude as I remembered that the Jesus, who I claimed to served, hung out with the unapproachable of His time; tax collectors, prostitutes, cheaters, the list goes on.

I stopped and turned his way and sincerely apologized and offered what I had – the most sincerest smile, which he gladly accepted and thanked me in return.  From that day forward, even if I have no money to give, I always offer a smile.  Every day we are presented with opportunities to impact the people around us for good or bad, simply by the way we treat them, look at them or interact with them.

I want to put out a 21 day summer challenge: the kindness project.  If you choose accept this challenge, you will live a life that impacts people for good. You will leave your neighbours, family, co-workers, deli clerks, checkout personnel etc., feeling loved and accepted. I challenge you to perform one act of kindness each day until July 29th.  With a simple smile or choosing to hold the door for an elderly person, or praying with someone, or any act of kindness, you become the mouth, hands and feet of Jesus, showing His heart towards people.  You know who else will be impacted?  You!  There is no greater feeling than knowing your are impacting lives all around you and representing Jesus boldly with love.  Who’s in?

Let’s share this post and see how far our kindness project can reach around the world.  Don’t forget to comment on how you are participating in this challenge.

Always remeber: Be Brave & Have Courage.


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