Open Eyes



It’s been awhile since I last posted. In this time away from writing my life has felt overwhelmed with the goodness of God. This does not mean that everything is hunky dory, but it does mean that I have had my eyes opened in a greater degree of God’s goodness in my life.

Mid May was when I began to pray, “Father, open my eyes to see your goodness and greatness in my life. I need to have a greater appreciation for everything around me”. I started praying this because I noticed a trend in my life. I noticed that I always seemed to see the negative in a situation/person etc., instead of the good. I needed my eyes to be opened to see God and good around me; even in the situations where finding the good may have seemed impossible.

It’s been amazing to see how one little prayer (spoken daily) has made a world of difference in my life and in my family’s life.   Part of my bible reading found me in a portion of Psalms where chapter after chapter, repeatedly spoke of God’s goodness. Did you know that God really is good?! His goodness is found all around us from the littlest of things to the grandest things. Here is a list of a few things over the last 7 weeks, where I see or have seen Gods goodness:

  • This one is pretty obvious, a trip to Italy. This was a dream come true, to be able to go to Italy with my husband and his family. I don’t know how many times tears filled my eyes, as I experienced all that Italy had to offer, with people I love deeply.
  • Laughter – I know, funny right? I seem to be noticing laughter all around me, from strangers on the street to my own kids. I have found that laughter has opened my eyes to see that God’s goodness is found in the silly moments of life and the laughter we share together.
  • Friends – On June 6th, we celebrated the life well lived of a dear friend, Lynn Portillo. It was amazing to watch the many tributes that flooded her Facebook page. Each one was a testament of how Lynn was a fun-loving, adventurous friend, who made everyone she came in contact with feel ever so special. During her celebration of life service and the days that followed, I was overwhelmed with the understanding that God’s goodness in my life is found in the friendships He has blessed me with.
  • Birds, bunnies & deer, oh my! – I love wildlife and God knows that. It seemed that every time I was out and about or even just relaxing in my backyard, some form of wildlife greeted me. Bunnies at Sam Lawrence Park. A deer at the side of road as I drove to an appointment. The flooding of Chickadee’s in my backyard while I drank my morning coffee. Perhaps it was just a coincidence, or maybe it was God’s unique way of saying, “I love you”, in a way that speaks to my soul.
  • My Husband – honestly, this man is the most amazing man! Yes, he can drive me crazy, but I could never dream of living life without him. On June 22nd we celebrated 15 amazing years of marriage. Through the years, we’ve experienced a lot of trials, heartache and, even more joys. Everyday, without fail, he tells me he loves me and expresses his love, which in turn expresses the Fathers love, towards me.
  • My kids – My kids are pretty amazing. Nope…I’m not biased. They are! Lately, I’ve been seeing the Goodness of God expressed through them, in the smallest of things. From a simple cuddle and whispered, “I love you”, to “let me help with that, Mom”. The greatest thing, is watching them develop their own walk with God.   It seems that Father God has a lot of fun showing how good He is through the lives of my kids.
  • My church family – over the last 7 weeks, I’ve seen several people walk through difficult situations, face hard realities and others celebrate big victories. What has amazed me is watching my Living Hope Church family surround these people with love, encouragement, practical help, cheers, prayers, hugs, congratulations & high fives. I’ve truly seen others mourn when one mourns, and celebrate when one other celebrates.

This has been such an eye opening few weeks. God’s goodness is all around us if we have eyes to see it and a heart to receive it. Sometimes, our own discouragement and disappointment can blind our eyes and numb our hearts to see daily, that God loves us deeply and He is expressing that love to us every single day. Sometimes we light heartedly say, “God is good” and someone else will respond, “all the time”. Do you really believe it, or is it something you just say? I believe it completely, and you know what? The more I believe it, the more I experience it. God isn’t just good; He’s Great!

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