Parenting in Faith not Fear – Part 2

IMG_0580We live in a world of craziness and perversion. This week, the CBC published an article of the dangers of a popular messaging app that many young kids and teens use to stay in touch with friends. Within moments of starting an alias profile, grown men were already approaching this “alias” asking for sexual pictures and being downright perverse. We have enough in this world to be legitimately concerned over, but as parents we must 1) be wise and 2) guard our hearts. Continue reading

Parenting In Faith not Fear: Part 1

faith parentParenting is a big deal and it is full of adventure. From peas getting stuck up the nose, to explosive poops in public places (literally hitting the wall and running down), to full out monster like tantrums in the grocery store, where everyone without kids is looking down their noses at you as if you’re the worst mother to ever walk planet earth. (Yes, each one of these “experiences” happened to me) Parenting is full of ups and downs. Continue reading