Perfect Peace


A fierce windstorm; sometimes that is what life feels like. I can remember days that have felt like my life was at the mercy of intensely strong circumstantial winds. I have found, metaphorically speaking, that circumstances of life are like a boat caught in the windstorm of my thoughts and out of control emotions. Have you ever had days like this? Maybe someone said or did something that just set you off. Or maybe it was something someone didn’t say or do. I have had times where the simplest of “things” will set my mind racing and before I know it, there was a full-blown tempest wrecking havoc in my mind and on my spirit.

Funny, isn’t it, how one negative thought breeds another, then another,.. then another.   But you know what I’ve learned? The sooner you shut those stupid lies or negative thoughts up, the sooner you can move on and get back into a place a peace. The only way I know how to get that peace back is by running into the presence of God. In Mark 4, there is a story of Jesus sleeping peacefully in a boat while a windstorm begins to rage around it. The disciples see with their natural eyes the waves, the pelting drops of rain. One thought, “This is a huge storm, for a little boat”, breeds another, “Oh no, the waves are too big. They’re crashing over us”, to another, “We’re going to die!” Before they know it, they are in full-blown freak out mode. Then they remember, that Jesus, the one whom they’ve seen perform so many crazy miracles is asleep in their very boat. They rush over to Him, “Master, how can you sleep, don’t you see that we’ll surely drown?” (this is so laughable – He’s the creator, of course He sees).  “Do something!! Save us!!” Jesus sits up, and stretches out His hand, “Peace” He says. “Be still”, He commands. The bible says that at once, there was perfect peacefulness. When we feel like we’re drowning in our negative thoughts, our own false accusations and believing lies of the enemy, we can run to Jesus just like the disciples and He will stretch out his hand over our minds and command peace. Funny how just one moment in the presence of God can bring a shift in our mindsets, calm our hearts and bring peace to our soul.

Never underestimate the power of His presence.

Always remember – Be Brave and Have Courage!

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