Do you ever wake up and look in the mirror and feel like you’re simply not enough. When you look in the mirror, who do see? What do you see? There have been times in my life (not long ago – if we’re going to be honest) when I have looked into the mirror and all I could see were my many faults. The list was long as I accused myself of being a terrible mom, not so great wife, my shortcomings were too many that God simply couldn’t use me the way I so desperately want to be.

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Perfect Peace


A fierce windstorm; sometimes that is what life feels like. I can remember days that have felt like my life was at the mercy of intensely strong circumstantial winds. I have found, metaphorically speaking, that circumstances of life are like a boat caught in the windstorm of my thoughts and out of control emotions. Have you ever had days like this? Continue reading