Let It Go

let it go


Let it Go.

No, I’m not singing Queen Elsa’s song, (although the frozen theme song nicely fits with this post). I’m talking about our need to squarely look at our present and future and be bold enough to make the decision to leave our past behind us.

I once heard that it is impossible to embrace the present and future things God has for us if our hearts and minds are too full holding onto the past.

Life happens. People hurt us. We carry the weight of disappointment and pain and before you know it, you’re stuck. You’re stuck in your past constantly thinking about what happened. Constantly reminding yourself of the guilt, shame, unrest and hurt that you’ve experienced. You’re stuck in a vicious cycle which seems like it will never end. The truth is, it won’t, unless….

  • You relinquish you’re right to be angry.
  • You decide you want more in life.
  • You choose to forgive those that have hurt you. (Yes it’s a choice)
  • You choose to embrace the love of God, which infuses your spirit with strength, courage and boldness.
  • Unless, you let go.

I believe that 2016 can be your year of letting go of your old life in order to take hold of the new. Isaiah 43:18-20 tells us that God is ready to be done with the old and has something totally new, exciting and REFRESHING for you. You just need to let what happened in days gone by stay in the past.

I can share from personal experience, that choosing to forgive has been, by far, the most liberating key to experiencing joy, peace and renewed vision (aside from salvation). You’re free to live your life without the heavy burden of life’s disappointments holding you down.

What do you say, will you let it go?

Join me next week as I begin to share my journey through forgiveness towards those that abused me.  I’ll be sharing the raw emotion of what I felt and how, through Jesus, was able to overcome.  I’ll even be letting you into the secret place of my prayer life to show you how I prayed in order to be free.

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Fear not.  Have Courage.



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