A Gift for Christmas




Last week I had posted a video about learning how to encourage yourself in Jesus; when you’re all alone, but need encouragement to get through a situation. Well, this past weekend, I was able to put those two keys into practice. Here is my story:

 I NEVER drive on a major highway alone. It is something I’ve never done. Having someone with me in the car, or even just to follow would be acceptable and things I have done in the past. However, driving alone (on a major highway) is something I would never do, until this past Sunday. A few weeks ago my long time friend from kindergarten got in touch with me and we decided that it was high time to meet again, after not seeing each other for about 20 years, (we briefly saw each other at her wedding almost a decade ago, but we didn’t count that.) She lives in the Toronto area and I live in Hamilton. She made the wonderful suggestion to meet half way. Before my head could figure out what was happening, I typed, “Sure”! Afterwards, no word of a lie, I was begging my husband to drive me and find something to do with the kids in the other city. Well, when that didn’t fly, I was left with no choice but to face this ridiculous fear.

The week leading up to the drive I was declaring positive statements over my life like, “I can do anything with God by my side”, “Driving, schmiving… no reason to fear”, “Fear will never hold me back”. I was pumping myself up. The day came and I was really nervous. The hour before I had to leave, I was mapping out my directions on paper and with the use of my GPS. I was praying and asking God for His protection (since I wasn’t afraid of getting lost, I was more worried that a transport truck would side swipe me to my death). I was claiming all the promises I could think of. Then an overwhelming sense of excitement took over as I thought about seeing my childhood best friend. Before leaving, Jason (my husband), prayed for me and told me he was proud of me for facing my fear. Almost a decade ago, I made a vow to myself and a commitment to God that I would never allow fear to stop me from doing something that He or I, wanted me to do.

I got in the car and started to drive. I prayed 90% of time, there and back. I completely enjoyed my time with my friend. Once I got home I came to the realization that I just gave myself a gift for Christmas, the gift of friendship and the gift of courage to become fearless. Luke 11:28 reads, “Jesus replied, “But even more blessed are all who hear the word of God and put it into practice.” When Jesus tells us to not be afraid but instead to have courage, I now know why he said that. There is so much more to life beyond the four walls of fear. There is friendship. There are new jobs. There are bigger dreams. There are new opportunities. There is fun to be had and, most importantly, there is freedom beyond fears limits.

I want to encourage you to give yourself a gift this Christmas. Face one fear, even just a little one and see how amazing you’ll feel and how much your confidence will grow as you overcome.

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