Keep Dreaming



Do you ever allow yourself to daydream? To sit back and let your imagination carry you to far off places, or imagine yourself doing things in reality perhaps you feel you could never do?

I love daydreaming (…now). In fact, as I was writing at midday, I could hear a ship blow it’s loud whistle. My immediate thought was, “Wow! A ship! Probably from a far off place carrying delicious edible delights (can you tell I love food)? Perhaps it blows its whistle to signal the start of new journey. What will they see on their voyage? A whale? Oooo, I’d love to see a whale!” Crazy right? Wrong! Dreaming is a language that the Holy Spirit speaks to us. Many people in the bible had dreams and visions that propelled them to do great things for God.

There was a season in my life, a long season, where I lost my dreams and the ability to dream again. That happened because I allowed hurts, disappointments and failed attempts at living out my dreams to slowly but surely cancel old dreams out and, place a cap on new dreams from even starting. This time in my life got pretty dark. I maintained the status quo and could feel the walls of dullness and boring life closing in. One day I read a quote that said, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them”. When I read this, it really shook me. What a tragedy to know that the things that God Himself has placed in my heart to fulfill, if left un-pursued, would die with me, never having the chance to influence even just one person. If I continue to allow my past to hold me from my future, any potential good I could make in this world dies with me. It was in this time that Philippians 3:13&14 became an “alive” word to me; “Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us”. I found that once I invited the Holy Spirit to dream with me again, He began to show me my negative thoughts and began to challenge me to change my confession from, “what could’ve been” to, “what can be”. Terri Savelle Foy tweeted- “A person with no vision will always return to their past”.

That did it for me. My past hurt, disappointments and the thoughts of “what could have been“, were served an eviction notice in my heart through the strength of God. No longer was my past going to direct the God given dreams for my future. I gave myself permission to dream again. My life is reviving and my dreams are getting bigger. I want to challenge you that if you find yourself in a place where your dreams are dying, to invite the Holy Spirit into your life to shock those dreams back to life. Don’t be afraid to dream again. God placed those dreams in your heart on purpose, because they are your purpose.

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