A Lesson from the Birds

A Lesson from the Birds


I love birds for so many reasons.   One reason is because they are simply beautiful. They fascinate me, because they can fly.  To me, they represent freedom. They can fly straight as an arrow, or at times looking like they are tumbling through the air in erratic yet fun designs.  They always seem to be enjoying their life.

A few years ago, we (my family) had the privilege to watch a mother & father bird build their nest, lay their eggs and watch as the baby robins grew.  It was completely amazing to watch the parent birds teach the young ones how to fly.  It seemed that with consistent encouragement and nudging to step just a bit outside the comfort of their nest, they began to learn. The little birds always appeared hesitant & super afraid to leave the safety of their nest.  However, you could also sense their curiosity rising to follow their parents beyond the safety of their little space.  Birds also learn to fly through the strengthening of their instinct.  Isn’t that cool?!

I believe we can be like these little birds.  Many of us are so bound up by fear, that the thought of walking outside our walls of comfort or what is known to us is so frightening.  However, you feel the pull to live your life with purpose, beyond the limits of fear.  There is an inborn instinct within each of us, which I believe is the moving of the Holy Spirit, to pursue the life that our creator, the lover of our soul, has destined for us.  My hope is that as we gather here, each of us will find a place of consistent encouragement to pursue our dreams, to live beyond the limits the fear, find the strength to be brave, as we become fearless.

Genesis 1:20 says, “Let birds fly above the earth in open expanse of heaven”.  When I read this verse my heart skips a beat with excitement because I believe God desires our lives to be lived outside the prison of fear, in the open expanse of His love. When you look at the birds and they’re soaring through the air and enjoying life; that is how God wants us to live; with joy and with purpose. Why do we need to live boring lives?  Fear is limiting our life experiences and making us prisoners. Take heart.  Be Courageous. Be bold.  There is so much more to experience in your life.

Here’s a small challenge for you.  Identify and write down one fear that you face in your life.  It could be fear of water, driving, meeting new people.  You get the picture.  Then, I want to encourage you to take one baby step toward facing that fear.  Perhaps you need to sign up for driver’s ed., or at a minimum buy the learner’s manual.  Just do one little (seemingly huge) thing.  Comment below to let me know what you’re facing and what you’re doing to begin the process to overcome.  I’ll keep you in my prayers!

2 thoughts on “A Lesson from the Birds

  1. talking to people that I don’t know en route to work, school etc. I always like the comfort of my music in ears and in my own world however how can I reach out or talk to new people in my own daze?
    Gonna leave headphones off even if it’s just 1 out of 2 buses to try and connect with people


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