No Regret

What does it mean to live without regret?   Perhaps to you it means taking risks and living on the edge.  As my friends and I say, “Ride or die”!  However, for me living without regret means being able to look back on my day (or life) and not saying, “I wish I did,…..” or “I wish I never did,….”.

I’m going to share a personal story of regret and no regret.   I remember ever so clearly the day I was told by my mothers nurse that I needed to go into her room and tell my mom that it was ok for her to die. Continue reading

Just A Smile

image.pngIt was a hot, sticky summer day, where the air is thick with heat. Even though it was intensely hot, the streets were full and bustling.  A middle aged, scruffy man sat cross legged on the sidewalk, his baseball cap turned upside down on the ground by his feet, as he held a sign that read, “I’m hungry.  Can you spare some change?” That day changed my life. Continue reading